Responsive Bootstrap 5 Website Templates for Sale

Create websites faster with our premium Bootstrap 5 templates and save time launching your website. Our Bootstrap 5 templates are made for developers who want to build and launch attractive web pages with responsive website templates.

Our Bootstrap 5 templates are responsive and built on the world’s most popular framework which means that websites are easy to build, launch and maintain. Some of the benefits of our templates are that you own your template, get access to free updates, limited free support, attractive pricing and you get the peace of mind knowing that we stand behind the quality of our templates.

Why Our Bootstrap 5 Themes?

Our Bootstrap 5 Themes are created with developers in mind. Using our templates frees you up to focus on launching your website quickly while knowing that you can easily customize your website to match the personality of your brand.

In addition to being convenient, our Bootstrap 5 powered website templates come with tons of documentation provided by us and the documentation available from the Bootstrap website. Our templates are ready to use out of the box so that you can start creating your website right away. We also offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy on all themes and templates developed by us.

Our Bootstrap 5 Templates Speed Up Website Development

Using our Bootstrap 5 website templates not only speeds up development times but you also don’t have to create a ton of new code to get things done. Right away you can copy your template to a development environment to start updating content and adding components and see results.

Bootstrap has already done the heavy lifting for you by creating a mature and solid framework that has many of the features you need to build a beautiful website. Additionally, we’ve made things even easier for you by coming up with website concepts that match your needs.

If you are an advanced level developer you can even use the SASS variables in Bootstrap 5 to further customize your website to personalize it even more.

Are Your Bootstrap 5 Templates Customizable?

Yes, our Bootstrap 5 templates are 100% customizable. Not only are our templates customizable but all our components, sections and pages can be used interchangeably to make customizing your website even easier.

Copy and paste bits of HTML code to use functionality on as many pages as you need to ensure continuity across your website. Our code is extremely flexible and interchangeable which means that a component you use on one page or section will easily fit into the layout of other sections or pages without conflict.

Use SASS and CSS variables to further the customization of your website when you want to tailor the look, feel and behavior of your website.

Why Use Bootstrap 5?

We use the Bootstrap 5 framework to power our responsive themes and templates because Bootstrap is robust, mature, highly documented and very easy to customize.

No matter if you are a seasoned developer or just starting out with website development, you can get started right away and not have to expend lots of energy trying to figure out how to do things. Another reason why we use Bootstrap 5 is because it has been tested and is very easy to learn and master.

We want your website building experience to be easy and enjoyable so we chose a framework that is extremely popular, easy to use and easier to learn.

What Kind of Bootstrap 5 Templates Do You Make?

We are always adding to our selection of Bootstrap 5 themes and templates but we will be rolling out themes for construction, real estate and agents, restaurants, ecommerce websites and more. Make sure to subscribe to our mailing list to keep up with new developments or check our website often for updates.

Do I Own My Bootstrap 5 Template?

Absolutely! After you purchase a template from it is yours and you are free to do with it as you like. With that said, unless you buy a license you are not able to resell our templates and themes but you are free to use them for as many projects as you like.

What’s the Difference Between a Theme and a Template?

A theme is a full on set of pages, styles and components whereas a template could be a landing page or website with just the pages. Templates do not contain a component library or the extra bells and whistles that a theme offers however pages, components and styles etc. are still 100% interchangeable.


Try out one of our responsive Bootstrap 5 templates or themes and cut your development time by leaps and bounds.

If you are an existing Bootstrap 5 theme or template customer and need support, send us an email. If you have pre-sale questions or need help planning your web design project, contact us for more help our check out our FAQ at

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