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Need SEO services to get your website indexed and/or ranked on Google? Although we can’t guarantee first-page ranking for any page, we can guarantee that we will get your website indexed*. We have processes in place that ensure that your search engine optimization efforts will be rewarded if you follow our strategy and not deviate from the method too much.

We are based in Downtown Vallejo, CA. We specialize in keyword optimization, keyword planning and keyword content generation that ensures your pages get indexed on Google in record time. Here you can learn more about the search engine optimization services we offer and some of the techniques we use that set us apart from any other web development company offering search engine optimization near you.

What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

In a nutshell, search engine optimization or SEO is the process of fine tuning your content on the subject matter that you are targeting. The intention is to get the content indexed on the major search engines and outranking your competitors.

A good search engine optimization strategy is vital because according to only 0.63% of users click on the second page of search engine results pages. That’s just over half of a percent of people. Talk about where to hide the dead body, chances are nobody will find it. That dead body is your web page.

Does SEO Really Work?

Search engine optimization definitely works but it is not a perfect science, ultimately the search engines dictate what pages will be indexed and where. There are some underlying factors that can either help or hurt your search engine optimization efforts like understanding user intent, not being authoritative enough or quality and quantity of your content.

Search engines in general and Google in particular look at these signals and many others in determining if your content is deemed worthy of ranking on the coveted first page. The main thing to keep in mind is that if your content is not optimized for search engines and they do not meet the needs of the user, your page will slip into the abyss of the dead web page sea.

How Can Search Engine Optimization Help My Website?

Search engine optimization can help your website in a myriad of ways, the most important being organic traffic. Some of the other very important benefits are authority, credibility and lead generation, the trifecta of online marketing.

If you really think about it, how many times have you clicked through to the second page of search results only to change your search terms. It happens all the time when the quality of the search results don’t return the result that we are looking for.

Your job is to be the page that answers the users questions so that they want to get in touch with you. Bottom line, this is the true purpose and essence of SEO and why you need to either implement or improve it on your own website.

Can You Help Me With Search Engine Optimization?

Absolutely we can help you with your search engine optimization efforts however, the main thing to keep in mind is that you trust the process and always refine your strategy. What this means is there is a right way, a not so right way and that you are open to changing course when it comes to your keyword selections.

Sometimes you have to tweak your keywords if you are not getting the result you want, especially if you are targeting highly competitive keywords which we advise against, at least initially. Once you develop your online presence and build trust with the search engines, then you can start to be more creative and cavalier.

How Long Does It Take To Implement SEO and See Results?

This answer is purely subjective and it will vary depending on who you ask, but in our experience we have found that Google will index our website within two to three hours. How long it takes to see traffic depends solely on Google and where they rank our content but as more people discover your content, click through and not bounce, it says to Google hey people like this content and we should send more people there.

We can’t guarantee that Google will rank your content on the first page but we can get you in the game and with a strong entrance. The rest depends on how you continue to monitor your progress and adapt where necessary.

Tracking SEO Results

We use Google Analytics and Search console to track our user metrics simply because we don’t like to share our performance with others. How many companies really share their data with you?

The reason why we like Google tools is because they are the de facto standard in the search engine space, we optimize for their platform specifically and their data is much more granular than the other tools out there. Not to say that they are not any good, but we trust Google and their search engine optimization and analytical tools have enabled us to see some big wins so go Google and give them a try.


We look forward to helping you with your search engine optimization efforts. If you are located in the Vallejo, CA area please give us a call and stop by our office or shoot us an email. If you have questions or need help planning your web design project, feel free to contact us for a free consultation or learn more about us online at

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